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Chase Camp, Alabama-Field Staff

I grew up on the Alabama/Tennessee state line. I am married, with a two daughters.  I attended Auburn University where I obtained my Bachelors degree in Finance.  I am the S&R Supervisor at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, currently working on my Masters, and also help my dad operate a kennel, Elk River Retrievers.

I have been waterfowl hunting, thanks to my Dad, since I was seven years old. Twenty three years later, my life now revolves around the sport of waterfowling. Whether it be hunting, scouting, training dogs and traveling to hunt test, off season preparation, or competition duck calling, there is something to do 12 months out of the year. I grew up hunting the Springville Bottoms in Northwest Tennessee. Over the years, I have also branched out to Northeast Arkansas, as well as hunting the lakes here in North Alabama. Over the years, our club in Arkansas has purchased several Dakota products. After seeing the realism in these decoys, I contacted Bill and asked to be a part of this team. With several years of hunting and several brands of decoys later, I can honestly say Dakota is the most realistic decoys on the market.


Mike Willey, Arizona-Field Staff

Mike is an accomplished big game hunter and former African outfitter. Mike outfitted in South Africa and marketed for his safari company from 1999-2003. Upon returning to the US, Mike settled in Montana and began a successful booking agency specializing in African Safaris while building a strong group of North American Outfitters. In addition to booking hunts, Mike films for outdoor TV shows like Backwoods Life, Fear No Evil and Heartland Bowhunter. When the cameras aren’t rolling, Mike does what he loves to do more than anything…hunt waterfowl. Being a part of the Dakota staff is a true honor and he strives be not only a great ambassador of the sport but of Dakota Decoys as well.


Trapper Padgett, Field Staff Arkansas

I'm Trapper Padgett, I'm 24 years old and the Arkansas Delta is my home. Early season Honkers are in my head, the Arkansas flooded timber is in my heart, and mallard ducks are in my soul. My wife is my whole world. The chase starts September 1st and ends January 31, after that starts the prep for the next year. If you can't find me in the field hunting or on the road chasing them, you can find me talking about them. I've been blessed beyond belief to hunt some of the most world renowned floored timber and private land in the Arkansas Delta. I have also had the amazing opportunity to get to know and learn from some of the most honored people in the duck hunting industry. My friends are the greatest guys around and have the same passion as me; my wife is the best thing I've ever received.  She puts up with me and she loves my passion for waterfowl never holding me back. If you're ever in Arkansas look me up and we can make something happen.


Blaine White, California-Field Staff

Been chasing waterfowl for 30 years. Love surrounding myself with great people and great companies. The last couple years I've had the opportunity to meet other staffers and hunt other states. My favorite hunting partner is my daughter. She has been hanging out hunting since she was 3. Now she's 16 and still loving it. My favorite time of year will always be late season snowy day honkers!!! In the off season I enjoy camping and spending time with my family.


Josh Campbell, California-Field Staff

My name is Josh Campbell, and I live with my wife and two daughters in the small town of Coalinga California.  I work as a Battalion Chief for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.   I have been hunting since I was a little boy with my dad and grandfather.  I have been blessed to have met many great people in the hunting industry, and have had the privilege to hunt all over the United States and Canada.  When I am not hunting or fishing, you can find me out in the arena with my friend keeping my horses in shape or doing ranch work.  I have had the pleasure of being part of Dakota decoys for many years and have got to see the company grow in so many positive ways.  Being a part of this group has allowed me to me new friends, and hunting places that most people could only dream of.  I look forward to many more years with Dakota Decoys, and can't wait to see what they will come out with in the future.
Brian Haas, Colorado-Field Staff

I am 34 years old, and have chasing Canada's across the Colorado's front range for 23 years.  After I shot my first goose at the age of eleven, I was hooked for life!  There is nothing quite like a crisp Colorado morning, with the snow covered Rocky Mountain's as the back drop to a flock of Canada's coming in with their feet down and their tongues hanging out.  I also am an avid big game hunter, I love to hunt with my bow, and muzzle loader, but nothing beats the success rate of the old 7 mag.  I have been lucky enough to take multiple trophy Mule Deer, Elk, and Antelope, but in my opinion nothing is better than having geese over your spread and in your face. Outside of work at our family ran car dealership I am also a Professional indoor soccer Referee, and an Ex Professional Golfer. When it’s off season or I’m not preparing for an upcoming hunting adventure there is a very good chance you'll find me on the golf course.  In Addition to being a Dakota Decoy Dealer, I was lucky enough to be selected as a Field Staff member, I am looking forward to representing this great company, and introducing the great sport of waterfowl hunting to Youth and new Hunters across Colorado. 
Riley Couch, Colorado-Field Staff

I was raised in Wyoming and Colorado chasing mostly elk, and deer with my dad. At age 12 I had the opportunity to go on a goose hunt with a friend in Colorado and I was hooked from that point on. 

For the past 8 years I have been chasing all kinds of waterfowl across the US. Currently I reside in Kearney Nebraska and hunt about 150 days a year chasing ducks, and geese from early teal to the end of the spring migration. My favorite type of waterfowl to hunt would probably be Big Canada Geese. I’m proud to be a member of The DD Staff.

Justin Gilbert, Colorado-Field Staff
Born and raised in Colorado. I grew up in Brighton which was a small farm town. Growing up like most small town kids we naturally grew up around hunting my dad was an avid pheasant hunter and he would take me with him jumping ditches and walking CRP. Naturally as I grew older I wanted to do less walking and more hunting, so the infection began. I really started hunting waterfowl around 12 after going on a trip with a local guide who just happen to have an open spot in the pit. We burned um up that day! So from that day I was all about goose hunting! Started buying and making my own decoys. A local farmer was gracious enough to allow me to hunt field, and my father, and I cleaned um up nearly every time we went. Now 23 years down the road the waterfowl industry has grown, and now I have a son of my own that lives to go with me, and that is the greatest blessing! The thing that draws me into waterfowl and this sport is watching the new generation's develop their passion, spending time with my friends in the blind, and just letting life slow down just enough for a few hours, to bask in the lords world and enjoy nature. Being a part of this staff, making new friendships and helping guys new to the sport feeds my passion now. As I have aged I have figured out that it’s not about the limits it’s about the time spent a field enjoying the blessing we have in life. I feel blessed to have an opportunity to represent such a fine company a field.


Taylor Dunnigan, Colorado-Field Staff
My name is Taylor Dunnigan. I was born in Kalispell, Montana and now currently live in Fort Collins, CO where I am currently attending Colorado State University seeking a degree in Agricultural Business. Waterfowl hunting has been a huge part of my life since I can remember, Being very young in the Flathead Valley of Northwestern Montana I was introduced to waterfowling at a very young age. My dad would drag me into the field in a little sled and ever since then I've been hooked. My passion for hunting waterfowl really grew when I moved to Colorado. I hunt just about every day of the season and spend a lot of time studying waterfowl in the field and progressing myself as a waterfowler. My love within waterfowling is field duck hunting and is something that will never get old. I have been guiding waterfowl hunts here on the Northern Colorado front range for a few years now and it has given me many opportunities to travel and hunt in new places across the western United States. I started hunting over Dakota Decoys years ago and have never looked back, these decoys are top of the line and withstand the abuse I put them through on a daily basis and that is why Dakota Decoy is my first choice in the field.


Craig Guadio, Idaho-Field Staff
I have been hunting waterfowl since I moved to Idaho 20 years ago. From the very first day I was hooked. Waterfowl hunting has been progressive for me. In the beginning it was the "thrill of kill" and daily limits. It very quickly morphed into a way of life. Waterfowling offered the opportunity to spend time building memories with my kids, my wife and my Dad in the great outdoors of Idaho.

Over the years I've had the good fortune of introducing numerous people to this great sport.  I've spent many hours with father/sons and father/daughters new to the sport. Having a front row seat to family memories created in the field has been nothing short of fantastic.

Waterfowling has no equal in the hunting world.  It's inclusive, it's interactive; no need for deadly silence all day…. Friendships built in the blind can last a lifetime.

Waterfowl hunting success takes nearly year - round preparation and dedication. Maintaining equipment, honing calling and shooting skills to scouting and continuous dog training.

A few years back as I was changing out my decoys as I do every few years, and I discovered Dakota Decoys.  My hunting hasn't been the same since. Dakotas are by far the most realistic and rugged decoy I've ever hunted with (and I've tried them all). I've been able to decoy even the wariest birds late season. Truly a game changer!

As I mentioned, this sport has been progressive for me. From the early days of taking a limit to today where waterfowl conservation is paramount to me. I have served on the Idaho State board of DU and spent 6 years at the local level either as co-chair or committee member of the annual DU banquet. I have come to understand what being a sportsman is really about. If I take from the field, it's vital that I give back through conservation. 

Dakota Decoys play a big role in my conservation efforts in the field. Ducks and geese decoy closer providing in - range, ethical shots and cleaner kills while minimizing wounded game.

I have never Field-staffed with any other manufacturer primarily because I've never been "wowed" by their products. Dakota Decoys nailed realism and durability. They work.  Period!


Ryan Brooks, Illinois- Field Staff

Ryan Brooks, Age 29, Metamora, IL.  Born and raised in Central Illinois, this year will be my 25th duck season. Still residing in Central Illinois, I live with my wife Jennie, and our Chesapeake “Chessie”.  I enjoy snow goose hunting, duck hunting, and dark goose hunting.  My first trip to the duck blind was with my father at his duck club.  I still keep that legacy alive by managing that same 200 acre property.  I am actively involved in conservation efforts in our area, along with waterfowl management programs to help ducks survive the trip back north in the spring time.  Managing that club takes special needs, the type of needs that Dakota Decoy delivers.  We are running multiple clients, multiple blinds daily.  There is no time for defective hunting equipment.  Dakota Decoy has been proven time and time again, and has held up from the everyday abuse of hunters, boats, ATV’s, trailers, and everything in between.  Dakota Decoy has delivered proven success in the field.  Matched with unrivaled durability, there is no question that Dakota Decoy offers the best decoys and products on the market.


Jeremy Thornton, Illinois-Field staff
I live in Bartonville, IL right along the history rich Illinois River Valley with my lovely wife Tina, my son Hunter, my daughter Addyson and my two labs Blaze & Blu.

I have been hooked since the very first duck splashed down in the decoys thinking about how cool it was.  I spend as many days in the field during the season that my work and wife allows. I love being in the outdoors and sharing my passion with others along with passing my experiences on to our youth. My favorite hunt of the year is a local youth hunt. Now that my kids are old enough to hunt I have been blessed with being able to take them and their friends. When not in the field you might find me coaching my kid’s baseball, softball, basketball or football, dog training for a HRC or AKC Hunt Test, fishing with family and friends, practicing on the calls, attending any waterfowl show within a few hundred miles, or playing slow pitch softball.
It is a blessing to be a part of such a great company who is continually improving products to make us all more successful hunters. After my very first hunt using Dakota Decoys I knew they were the right fit for me. The durability and realism surpasses any decoy I have ever used. From a duck blind to a fresh picked field you will be sure to find me anxiously waiting on the first flock!


Kody Daniel, Iowa-Field Staff
I was born and raised in Quincy, IL which is located on the Mississippi River. Here recently, life has taken me to the heart of Iowa, in Des Moines to be exact. Hunting has been a passion of mine since the day I began some fifteen years ago. After the very first hunt I was fortunate to be a part of, I was hooked! Hunting everything from early season teal to late season honkers followed up by spring snow geese. I have also been passionate about deer and turkey hunting, and have been very fortunate to have some great spots to hunt with family and friends.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity of getting to know and hunting with a lot of great people from all across the US. Most of which have become great friends and great companions in the field. It never seems to amaze me how much waterfowl hunting can bring a group together each fall to share in the same passion. 

While in the off season, I have grown to enjoy practicing on the calls, photographing waterfowl and getting the chance to work with my dogs. I have grown to be very active in both the HRC and AKC scene of dog handling and training. It’s a rewarding experience to have both a well-trained retriever for the field as well as the test grounds. The hunt test and field trial scene has much to offer to both the handler and your canine companion. Overall, hunting has consumed most of my free time as most avid waterfowl hunters can relate to.  From zero degree weather to the warm temperatures of the early season, I have found a passion that has stuck with me over the years. I hope that it will continue to bless me for many years to come with family and friends that I enjoy to share the outdoors with.


Kyle Foli, Indiana-Field Staff
My name is Kyle Foli; I reside in Dugger, Indiana. I have hunted all my life, but once I was introduced to the sport of waterfowling I quickly realized that it was my true outdoor passion. The feeling you get when you finish geese in your decoys or pulling a flock of mallards into your spread is just an overwhelming intense feeling. It’s a feeling hard to describe and addicting when experienced. The gear I use has to be able to keep up with me and the daily abuse I put it through in the field. I have used just about everything on the market, decoys included. Dakota Decoys are the ONLY decoy I will use, their durability, motion, realism and ease of set-up cannot be matched. The only thing missing from these decoys is a heartbeat!


Mark Holcomb, Indiana-Field Staff
I've been chasing feathers for over 20 years. My adventures have taken through some of the best Mississippi and Central Flyway areas to hunt waterfowl. But, I hunt primarily Northern Indiana's local bird population. That's why in 2008 I choose to switch over to Dakota Decoy. I needed every advantage I could get to fool the local birds. The detail and durability is unmatched. 

 I'm lucky enough to be married to a very forgiving wife who gave me to wonderful boys that have started to obsess all as much as their dad does about hunting. In the off season you can find us chasing a turkey, wetting our lines for that big one, or even teeing it up on the golf course. My family is everything to me and providing for them is priority number 1. Using Dakota Decoy's helps us put that succulent wildfowl on the table.


Chris Johnson, Iowa-Field Staff

My name is Chris Johnson, I reside in a small town in north central Iowa called Kanawha with my wife Shannon and my 3 kids. I have been hunting waterfowl for 30 years.  I am co-owner of Fowl Ambition boat and blind co. witch produces hard side duck boat blinds, aluminum lay out boats and dog boxes.  Ducks and Honkers (fields or water) are my #1 but I also enjoy harvesting fur and I will shoot a deer to fill the freezer.  I am also associated with Lynch Mob Game calls where I have staffed for about 6 years.  My main goal is to ensure my children enjoy the outdoors as much as I do, let’s just say all of them have had their diapers changed in a duck boat!  I try to make every hunt an adventure.


Adam Bollman, Iowa-Field Staff

I grew up in an outdoors family.  At a young age my dad had my brother and I out with him on the weekend’s waterfowl hunting, and it just grew into a passion.  I have hunted many states for waterfowl.  At age 14 I got myself into turkey hunting and have been hooked on it since then as well.  Along with turkey and waterfowl, I do enjoy whitetail hunting, upland game, and spend a lot of time fishing.  I currently work for an excavating company, and we do many wetlands every year.  We have done some in cooperation with DU as well.

Cal Wyman, Iowa-Field Staff

Growing up in east central Iowa like most in the area I was introduced to hunting at a young age.  I have hunted been hunting since I was old enough to walk with my family on our traditional upland bird hunts.  I was next introduced to whitetail deer hunting taking several bucks with gun and bow.  A friend of mine asked if I wanted to tag along one day on a duck hunt, I did and was instantly hooked.  I have fallen in love with everything waterfowl has to offer the sunrises over a pothole or marsh to the sunsets while lying in a field. 
Hunting honkers in a field is my favorite, but i also enjoy chasing those same honkers and mallards over water.  In the spring i enjoy laying under a giant tornado of snows.   I grew up cutting my teeth chasing birds in east central and north central Iowa, but I also enjoy hunting several other states a year.  I look forward to the challenges that each hunt brings.
I am a past chairman of the North Iowa Ducks Unlimited committee, and still spend my time helping out when I can.  I am also co-owner and guide for Dead Leaf'n Guide service providing quality hunts for honkers and ducks in the fall and snows in the spring.  I want to thank my wife and kids for allowing me to pursue this passion of mine.  


Marshall Anliker, Kansas-Field Staff

I grew up in Scott City, KS, where I developed my passion for hunting and fishing with my father and great-grandfather. When I was twelve, I shot my first goose with my Great-Grandfather; the same day, he shot his last. After that experience, I knew that hunting would always be an important hobby of mine. Waterfowl hunting became more of a sickness than a hobby during my time at Kansas State University.

A couple friends and I launched a student organization called Wildcat Waterfowlers that focused on taking college students hunting for the first time. I’m proud to say that after our graduation, the organization has continued to introduce young adults to our lifestyle.

Today, I live with my wife, Lauren, in Golden, CO, and work as a project engineer within the construction industry. Although I live in Colorado, I split my weekends between Kansas and Colorado chasing ducks and geese across both states. In the off-season, I enjoy fly fishing, wildlife photography, snowboarding, and golf.


Rick Woods, Kansas-Field Staff

I started hunting with my dad when I was 6 following him out in the fields hunting pheasants. I won my first shot gun when I was 9 at a Ducks Unlimited banquet and have been hunting ever since. I now am a firefighter in South West Kansas and enjoy hunting and scouting birds on my days off with my wife and daughter Cheyanne. When I'm not at work I am in a field either calling in ducks and geese or chasing roosters all over Kansas.

Waterfowl hunting is my passion there is nothing like having hundreds of birds coming in cupped and committed and hearing the words "take em" when they are right in your face or getting a big tom gobbler gobbling 10 yards from you . I hunt from August to May and in the off season I'm scouting, practicing my calling, and helping with youth events and 4-H shooting. I am looking forward to many hunting seasons meeting other Dakota Decoys staffers and helping out at events.


Josh Crosby, Kansas Field Staff

Josh grew up in Eastern Iowa.  His love for hunting was sparked by another passion of his which is baseball.  His high school baseball coach introduced him to deer hunting and that’s where the addiction started.

Out of high school Josh migrated North to Minnesota State University to play baseball and that is where he was first introduced to the great sport of waterfowl by two of his best friends.  He will always remember his first duck hunt in the cattail bogs of Swan Lake in Southern Minnesota. 

Josh currently lives in Topeka, Kansas where he attends Washburn University and is a catcher on the baseball team.   He plans to graduate in the spring of 2018 with a degree in Business Marketing and Entrepreneurship. 

Josh is very thankful for the relationships that baseball and hunting have brought into his life.  Josh enjoys sharing his passion for waterfowl with others as much as he enjoys the sport itself.   It is obvious when talking to Josh that he is very passionate about what he does.


Hampton Rutland., Louisiana-Field Staff

I am an avid outdoorsman, videographer, YouTuber, and owner of Louisiana Moving Pictures LLC. I have a TV series in production with the DIY Network called Louisiana River Builds. It will air this fall on the DIY Network.  I have a rapidly growing YouTube channel, and my videos have been featured on Popular Mechanics, Awesomer, and multiple other websites over a large range of interests.  My 1,000 subscriber video sums up my channel quite nicely:  (Reclaimed Wood Shop Video) (Metal Ceiling Video)

While I've only been making videos for a few years, I have had a reasonable amount of success in that time.
My very first video was featured on That footage was licensed by GoPro who made their own edit, which now has over 145,000 views:

For the past 3 years my duck hunting videos have been featured on

I provide ProDrive Outboards, with their online video content. I am also Pro Staff at
(TDX Model) (X-Series Dual Rig)

All told, my self produced and original video content has over 1,000,000 views. I reach a diverse and rapidly increasing audience, and my video editing style is professional and unique. I have partnered with several companies to promote their products including Dakota Decoys, ProDrive Outboards, Sitka Gear, Caveman Coffee, Duck Blind Bistro, and Max It Out LED's. I am also board certified Urologist working full time at my busy practice in West Monroe, LA.


David Baden, Maryland-Field Staff

David Baden, 26, Maryland.  I grew up in Southern Maryland following in the footsteps of my Father and Grandfather ensuring the tradition of hunting lived on.  Waterfowl hunting wasn’t always my passion.  Deer hunting was always the crux of hunting in our family.  However, one Christmas changed all that when I received a Tim Grounds duck and goose call from my Father.  That moment I was determined to properly blow a call and use them hunting.  One thing led to another and I was blowing in competitions and hunting waterfowl every second I had.  Our farm is considered the “X” most days throughout the year as we are between several areas of food, ponds, and main bodies of water.  Slowly the competition between farms grew and I knew we had to change our approach.  After months of researching new decoys I found a company…Dakota Decoy.  Invested in a few dozen decoys and slowly our success at the farm increased as we were “different” now.  Many always ask why I chose Dakota Decoy over another company.  Durability, quality, and realism I am blessed to be part of a great company that stands behind their products and consumers.


Logan Peed, Maryland-Field Staff

Having grown up with the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries in my backyard I have been blessed with the countless opportunities it provides, including the large numbers of migrating waterfowl that winter here every fall/winter. Hunting hard and chasing waterfowl is a passion of mine, but when not hunting I am relaxing with my family, training my lab, or working my day job. I enjoy waterfowl hunting for the opportunity to experience wildlife in ways only possible in the marsh and field.


Wade Beckner, Maryland-Field Staff

My Name is Wade D. Beckner, I currently reside in Hagerstown Maryland with my wife and son.  However I grew up just north of the Mason-Dixon Line in Waynesboro PA.  Being from rural Pennsylvania I learned about the outdoors at an early age from my father and numerous other close family friends.  I had a deep passion for deer hunting at an early age, and when I became a more mature hunter a friend of mine introduced me to the wonders of turkey hunting, which I still love today.  But my true passion lies in waterfowl hunting. 

Another close friend of mine introduced me to the wonders of waterfowl after we had turkey hunted together a few times.  It only took one time of seeing those big resident geese locked up and committed to know that I was hooked for life.  Sense that day I now spend most of my season hunting small farm ponds, or the Upper Potomac River which runs very near where I live.  I also enjoy taking young folks out on hunting adventures and teaching them what the outdoors is all about.  I look forward to the day that my own son is old enough to start taking these journeys with me.  I am proud to represent this outstanding company in all that I am and all that I do. 


Chris Agdanowski, Michigan-Field Staff

My name is Chris Agdanowski and I am from Southwest Michigan; I am a delivery driver by trade and hunter by nature.  I have been hunting since I was legal to shoot thanks to my dad.  When I was growing up I was primarily a deer hunter until I fell hard for waterfowl.  I will chase birds throughout the Midwest.  I enjoy sharing my passion with others, guiding hunts during the big migrations.  I have the honor of being affiliated with some of the best names in the waterfowl business, first and foremost Dakota Decoys.


Corey Smith, Michigan-Field Staff

My name is Corey Smith and I am from southwest Michigan. I am married to my beautiful wife Jennifer. I started hunting at waterfowl at the age of 12 with my Dad. It wasn't until I was 18 that I was invited to go on my first field goose hunt with a group of buddies. After doing it one time I was hooked. Waterfowl hunting isn't just a hobby to me, it is a passion! With a full time job in the HVAC industry I don't get to spend as much time as I would like in the field, hunting mostly weekends. I use Dakota Decoys because they look great and can handle a beating. I'm not a fan of bagging any of my decoys so I want to be able to just toss them in the trailer and not have to worry about the paint chipping. I am honored to be a member of the Dakota Decoy Staff and to represent a great product!


Matthew Kerr, Michigan-Field Staff

Being raised in the Central Michigan area at an early age I quickly realized what the outdoors had to offer. It seemed I was always chasing waterfowl, deer, bear, predators or fishing, and season seemed to be open year round. Now 18 years later and you'll find I chase the waterfowl flights just like the old days, but now with my son Cody at my side. Being on the field staff for Dakota Decoys as well DRC calls has introduced me to other waterfowl "crazies" that have helped me become more educated on being a complete bird hunter. I want to thank Bill for telling me about what a good decoy is supposed to be, both in looks and durability. Dakotas have been with me all the way and still look like the day I bought them...over 7 years ago. Finally I must thank my wife for letting me take the time off to chase the birds no matter what was going on at home.


Chad Gessner, Minnesota-Field Staff

Growing up in south central Minnesota my father introduced me to hunting at a very young age. It didn't take long and I was hooked for life!!

My main passion is chasing waterfowl, with all the other seasons a close 2nd! I can be found chasing anything from turkeys and deer to ducks, geese, and pheasants. There's nothing better than being able to enjoy the great outdoors with friends and family, especially my 2 boys.

Working with Dakota Decoy Co. for so many years and getting the chance to watch the company grow into what it is today has been very exciting!


Charles Beery, Minnesota-Field Staff

Born and raised in the Mississippi flyway in the great state of Minnesota, hunting has always been in my blood.  Growing up I was introduced to waterfowl hunting at an early age and was fortunate enough to be born into a duck hunting family, with whom I would spend the cool fall dusks and dawns’ hunting in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Canada.  I went on to receive my Bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Biology at the University of Minnesota Duluth; with this major I have been able to study waterfowl day in and day out.  Through these studies I have completed several field research papers on waterfowl behavior and migration patterns.  I am a firm believer that in order to become a better hunter you not only have to ask other hunters for advice but you have to study the waterfowl that you are hunting in order to be successful.  During the goose and duck season I can be found in the blind every chance I have, hunting alongside my dog Cauder.  Whether it be in the field or swamp, river or lake I can’t get enough and the Dakota Decoy Company has never let me down.  They lock-up the geese and bring the mallards in from miles.  My grandfather use to tell me that “the hunters of ducks are a crazy breed” and I am glad to be a part of the Dakota Decoy family that shares the same crazed passion for the hunt.


Liz Hommes, Minnesota-Field Staff

Hi, my name is Liz HOMMES and been with Dakota Decoy for the last few years.  I grew up in a small town in central MN.  I   have a strong passion for the outdoors.  I love to spend time with family and friends and let's not forget hunting and fishing as well.  I archery hunt turkey and whitetail and do mostly waterfowl hunting.  And when it comes to the off season I prepare for the next seasons to come whether it's gun maintenance, target shooting or planting. It's pretty much a nonstop all year round! Also I support our local hunting chapters, especially delta waterfowl.


Luke Cramlet, Minnesota-Field Staff

I am Luke Cramlet. I am from St. Paul, MN. I started hunting and fishing at a very early age and just had an unbelievable passion for the outdoors right from the start. This passion and drive led me to Bemidji State University in northern Minnesota. I have been studying in Bemidji for the last four years earning my degree in Aquatic Biology with a Fisheries Emphasis and also a minor in Wetland Ecology. I intend to graduate this May and attend Grad School the following Fall. I spend most of my days in the fields of Minnesota but also head out to North Dakota and Saskatchewan each year. My favorite time of the year is pounding late season honkers in the snow, but the spring snows are getting a huge part of my heart. Being up at an outdoor college I get to take out many ranges of hunters, some novice and some very experienced, but just being out with a good group of friends and my family is what makes a hunt special to me. Dakota Decoy is such a great company and it is an absolute dream come true to be a part of such a great team. To me hunting is more than just a passion - it’s a family tradition and a way of life.


Ryan Beattie, Minnesota-Field Staff

My name is Ryan Beattie and I have a deep passion for the sport of waterfowl hunting. I live in west central MN and am fortunate to have a job that allows me to follow my passion of waterfowling to wherever my heart desires.  I am privileged to represent Dakota Decoy in the field and on the street, sharing my experience and knowledge that I have accrued in over 15 years of waterfowl hunting, many of which have been spent guiding clients. 

I enjoy all types of waterfowl hunting, but by far my favorite is field hunting snow geese, there is no better feeling than watching a large group of snow geese spin over your field and come down into range.

My goal is to provide a fun and safe environment for those that I'm hunting with. Whether the birds are flying or not, I want everyone to walk out of the field with a smile and a better appreciation for the wonderful world of waterfowling. I hope that I can provide that experience to everyone I meet and introduce them to the wonderful products that Dakota Decoy has to offer.


Torrey Walrath, Minnesota-Field Staff

I was born and raised in Mankato, Minnesota.  I have had my dad, grandpa, and uncles all help feed my addiction to waterfowl hunting.  In addition to chasing fowl you will see us after turkey, deer, small game, and fishing.  I remember my first duck opener Canada geese where still tough to get here it seemed everybody was excited when they came on the lake.  That morning I don’t remember hitting any ducks but I did pull my first Canada out of a passing by flock.  I was hooked and set on learning how to decoy these birds from that day.

I am married and have 2 young daughters.  My oldest is 2 years old and so far she is hooked on geese.  We live close to a park and she likes to go watch them and plays with the decoys when she can.  I look forward to seeing how far she will take this seem to be passion.

I have been with Dakota Decoy since 2009 and best decoys I have used and excited about the products that keep coming!


Will Hetherington, Minnesota-Field staff

I was introduced to hunting at a young age; my dad was an extreme waterfowler and chased ducks all over the Mississippi and Central Flyways.  I started hunting upland when I was 8 and since then I have had the opportunity to hunt many other species, my waterfowl addition started when I was 15.  Although I enjoy hunting big game as well my heart has always gone to upland and wing shooting.  The rush I get from waterfowl hunting is like no other, I enjoy every part about waterfowl hunting, and I love the fact that every hunt is different.  Since my first years of duck hunting I have invested more time and energy into attempting to create successful hunts for new people that I bring out and my dedicated and cherished hunting partners.  Hunting is not all about the bag that you bring home, as much as I like bringing home a limit of greenheads I enjoy my surroundings, I love the natural beauties that you get to see when hunting and when I’m in the blind it brings a sense of calm amidst the chaos that can sometimes be present.  In the summer of 2015 I began Midwest Waterfowl Obsessions and Instagram account dedicated to sharing the passion of waterfowling and connecting waterfowl hunters across the U.S. and the world. I would have never imagined how it would grow and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store.

Matt Vansandt, Mississippi-Field Staff

I’m from Northeast Mississippi and been chasing waterfowl all over the country for about 15 years. I’ve been fortunate enough to hunt all four flyways in North America on several occasions. During this time, I’ve learned what it takes to consistently take waterfowl, 1. Waterfowl in the area, 2. Ability to read birds, 3. Good equipment, that’s why I use Dakotas Decoys!
My obsession for calling ducks lead me to start a small call company in 2008 and pride myself with quality, handmade calls that are both field and contest stage proven.

In 2012, I started an industrial construction consulting company for a few reasons, spend more time at home with my wife Kelsey, 2yr old daughter Kinsley, and our labs, Chunky and Talulah as well as being able to schedule time off between Canada trips in September all the way though Arkansas hunts in January!


Matthew Eslick, Mississippi-Field Staff

I am originally from North Central Alabama but now reside in NW Mississippi with my wife and two children (Drake and Riley Ann).  I am 30 years old and have been waterfowl hunting for 24 years.  I also enjoy competitive duck calling and dog training so that waterfowl season last 365 days per year.


Jeff Rybak, Missouri-Field Staff

My name is Jeff Rybak. I am from O’Fallon, MO, a suburb of St. Louis. I am married to my wonderful wife, Cheryl, and we have four very active kids. My wife is supportive of my hunting passion and she skillfully manages the household when I am in the field.

I grew up fishing on the Mississippi River and spending a lot of time on the river with family and friends. My best friend and his father introduced me to hunting. They took me deer and turkey hunting, and taught me everything I knew about the outdoors and hunting. I started waterfowl hunting while I was in college at the University of Missouri in Columbia.  I have been hooked on waterfowl hunting ever since.

I am very lucky to live in this part of the country, and have access to so many varieties of waterfowl hunting within a short drive. We focus most of our hunting throughout the Mississippi flyway, around the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, along with the surrounding fields.  I have met great friends that have the same waterfowl passion, and have had a chance to hunt with them all across the Midwest.


Matthew Gildehaus, Missouri-Field staff

With a Dad that only hunted deer and turkey, waterfowl wasn’t on my radar until a little later in life.  Now after waterfowl hunting for quite some time the enjoyment of the hunt has shifted from piling birds up to just enjoying what God has created.  I have a beautiful, understanding wife and two children.  The hunt is being lived now through the kids or just through the enjoyment of spending quality time with great friends and family.  Sharing my blessings and the sport of waterfowl with others has become my passion over just the hunt.  The Missouri River and the surrounding bottoms in central Missouri is where I enjoy to hunt the most.  My favorite hunt is late season honkers on the river with a sandbar full of sleeper shells and breakfast on the stove.


Ryan Collins, Missouri-Field Staff

Ryan started hunting before he can remember at a very young age with his father and two brothers.  He likes to hunt mallards in dry fields and late season honkers over an ice eater open waterhole and of course he likes to chase spring gobblers.
He likes hunting in general with friends and family making memories and reminiscing on past hunts strives to introduce new hunters to waterfowl in general.

An avid hunter his eye is always to the sky whether he is sitting in the living room or driving down the road Ronda and Gracie have learned to keep an eye on the sky as well. 

With a new found passion of taking photos and videos, you can find Ryan with his two labs Hawkeye and Denali capturing the moment. Hawkeye is an active hunt test dog with his senior title working on his Master title to be completed this fall. Denali is training for field trials will compete in her first field trial this spring.  In the off season Ryan is a Union Boilermaker of Local 83.


Jake Bell, Montana-Field Staff

I was born and raised in eastern Montana and have been hunting and fishing for as long as I can remember.  When I was not of legal shooting age, I was the dedicated wounded-goose retriever. While I was able to blend into the snow covered beat field better than our black lab, my obedience was a work progress as I often found myself freezing my hands off with mittens full of snow.  My love of the outdoors keeps me occupied year round with hunting ducks and geese in the winter, fly fishing in the spring, backpacking in the summer, and bow hunting in the fall.  I am a demanding hunter and having gear that will not fail me is definitely a priority. I am confident Dakota Decoys makes the best products available and I never need to worry about a lack of attention to detail in their designs.


Ted Wells, Montana-Field Staff

I grew up in central North Dakota. I began my waterfowl hunting journey at the age of 12, when a friend of my father took me on my first goose hunt. I still remember that day vividly. We had one flock do it perfect, I stood up out of the bale blind and couldn't believe what I was seeing. From that day on, I was a waterfowler. I started studying everything there was to know about birds, hides, decoys, everything. I enjoy everything that goes into making a hunt successful. The setup and anticipation of the day is by far my favorite part.  I also enjoy capturing memories for friends and family behind the camera, something that has become a huge part of the hunt for me in the last couple of years.  You are most likely to find me in the middle of a snow covered Beet field in the frigid cold, but put me on a dirty cut corn field mallard feed and I'll call it heaven. Dakota Decoy Company has taken decoys to the next level, and I'll never have to worry about a lack of quality or realism.


Hunter Edwards, Nebraska-Field Staff

My name is Hunter Edwards, I am from Fremont, Nebraska. I hunt as much as possible during the year. I prefer to hunt mallards and Canadas in a corn field; I started hunting at a very young age and it became a passion. I also started contest calling young and have qualified for the World Duck Calling Contest. When I’m not hunting I can often be found across the country trapshooting as I’m an All American trap shooter. I love using Dakota Decoys in the field I feel they are the best to getting birds in close!


Matthew Vetter, Michigan-Field Staff

Matt is from a small town in Central Michigan. His passion for ducks and geese began here on the public marshes around his hometown. In college Matt moved to South West Michigan and was introduced to field hunting waterfowl, this is where his passion for ducks and geese took hold. After several hunting trips to the Central Flyway, Matt decided that is where he needed to be. He now resides in Omaha, NE where he and his dog Cash get after birds from September to April.


Austin Kaufman, Nebraska Field Staff

My name is Austin Kaufman, I am 21 years old and I am from Gering Nebraska. I was introduced to waterfowl hunting at the age of 8 when my dad took me on my first goose hunt. This first hunt got me hooked and today waterfowl is still my biggest passion. I do most of my hunting in western Nebraska, but when I am attending school at the University of Nebraska Lincoln I hunt around that area too. If I’m not out hunting with friends and family, you can find me guiding waterfowl hunts for Angel Wing Outfitters LLC in western Nebraska. As hard as I am on gear I turned to Dakota decoys years ago and I have never looked back. I know day in and day out that I can trust my Dakota Decoys to with stand all the harsh conditions that we as waterfowlers.


Brock Perry, Nevada-Field Staff

I am a serious hunter only demanding the best in my decoys and gear along with solid efforts of conservation with Delta Waterfowl and Ducks Unlimited which I am a part of both. Working hard on conservation projects locally in 3 states every year for the last decade.

Putting on contests where I can to make life better for others and understanding the environment of what it takes to carry the sport much further.  This dry region it takes a different breed of hunter to have success in the field and with Dakota Decoy innovations my harvest numbers have held their ground since the first Extreme mallards hit the water here.  I am a river hunter at heart but hunt a lot of open water also and live on a corridor where I can watch the migration every year keeping me on my toes for the next hunt.  When I'm not at a contest or doing a show at an outdoor retail store I am working hard during the off season to shape the next one. I have found my hunts in this region specifically are so highly pressured that without realism you're out.  I've been at this 33 years and am a listed contest caller, it all comes together when these decoys are in place. Being on this team is great I also look forward to meeting you at a show or even in the field. I do some photography also which is a new venue for me but well worth the time .I love my passions in waterfowl and look forward to bring you the best photography possible.   I look forward sharing my best work with these products once again and am thankful for the gift that I have been given to share with others.  I cherish every hunt and try to share with our growing youth hunters and love every minute of it!


Brian Harrison, New York-Field Staff

I'm Brian Harrison from Cameron New York. I am 27 years old and have been chasing waterfowl for about 10 years now all across the beautiful Finger Lakes region of NY. My passion stated while attending Finger Lakes Community College, where a couple buddies there drug me out of bed for my first goose hunt (against my will I might add) but since that day they started a fire in me. Waterfowl is now a passion of mine and not a day goes by that I am not thinking, or planning something for the next season. Part of what I love is to get kids, friends, and my family involved with this sport. 

Other than chasing geese I also enjoy hunting deer and turkeys with my family on our small beef farm in Cameron. 
I have been with Dakota Decoy for a few seasons now and I hope to have a long hunting career helping showcase the best decoys on the market!


Jim Beverly, New York-Field Staff

I married my high school sweetheart in 1966.  We have three daughters and four grandchildren.  Although my education is in Engineering and Marketing, my life long, 50 year career has been in the retriever training and waterfowl hunting industry.  I started waterfowl hunting at the age of 13 and continue to hunt the marshes, fields and lakes throughout the Northeast.  Since I only hunt waterfowl and perform seminars and clinics in the off season, I need the most realistic and durable decoy in the marketplace.  Dakota Decoys meet the multiple uses my business demands. 

I am currently working on a DVD highlighting my training techniques which will also include sponsor products and Dakota Decoys. 

As a volunteer for the local NYS and Federal waterfowl refuges, I am in constant contact with Atlantic Flyway biologists and managers.  This keeps me up to date with all news concerning waterfowl and hunting.

The focus of my business at this point in my career is in education, promoting my sponsors and using God’s gifts to help others. 


Tim Danish, New York-Field Staff

Hi there! My name is Tim Danish & I’ve been a staff member with Dakota Decoys since 2014. I am from Rochester, NY & am the co-owner of Morgan Hill Land Care LLC, a landscape development company with my Brother. This keeps me very busy most of the year but when I’m not working, I spend my free time chasing waterfowl across Western NY to the Finger Lake Region. I also hunt near the St. Lawerence River every year for our northern-zone duck opener. I have been hunting waterfowl since I was about 16. My older brother, Brian, was the biggest influence to me, when he took me on a Canada goose field hunt. Since then him & I have been hunting together, chasing all types of waterfowl from ducks to snow geese. Both late season field ducks & the spring conservation snow geese season are my personal favorite waterfowl to hunt. The best part of waterfowl hunting is the time you get to spend with friends & family, doing something you love. Regardless whether we have a great shoot or not, I’m always appreciative of time spent outdoors. Between watching dogs work to teaching others about our lifestyle, there is nothing else I’d rather do. I’m glad to represent such an excellent company, with the best decoys on the market.


Brad Sterup, North Dakota-Field Staff

Brad's passion for the outdoors began while growing up in Devils Lake, ND.  His father was an avid outdoorsman and he passed his love for the outdoors on to Brad.  Waterfowl hunting is his favorite way to spend a fall morning.  There's nothing quite like the joy of good friends, the sounds of birds on the roost, and the anticipation of birds backpedaling into the hole.  When he is not chasing waterfowl, you can find Brad stalking muleys with his bow, calling coyotes, or hiking the mountains after elk.
Brad currently lives in Fargo, ND and manages a production shop.  During the off-season, you will find Brad training his dog, competing in 3-d archery competitions, and also competing in USPSA pistol and 3-gun competitions.  He has been a part of the Dakota Decoy family since 2009 and truly believes they are the best decoys on the market.


Josh Lundberg, North Dakota-Field Staff

My name is Josh Lundberg and I reside in Fargo, ND. I’m an avid outdoorsman and I enjoy spending a majority of my free time Hunting. My favorite past time is hunting ducks and honkers over my Dakotas, fishing is a close second, along with Deer hunting and whatever other opportunities may come about. I’ve been on the Dakota Staff since 2010 and it’s been an enjoyable experience with such a knowledgeable fun group of hunters.  


Jeff Killian, Ohio-Field Staff

I have been with Dakota Decoys since 2007, the first year they made decoys, and never looked back. I immediately saw the difference in the decoys and the difference they made in the field. For nine months or so each year I am a self-employed painting contractor in Napoleon, Ohio. For the other three months I am hunting for geese, ducks, deer, and turkeys in the spring. Other times I am repainting decoys for others. I am a member of Ducks Unlimited and am also on the Lynchmob call staff.


Cory Hext, Oklahoma-Field Staff

Cory Hext from Northeast Oklahoma. I like to spend the off season competition calling and chasing turkeys. Spend the winter in Kansas and Oklahoma guiding waterfowl. I also staff for Betts Game Calls and just as sick for it as everyone else!


Daniel Purdunn, Oklahoma-Field Staff

My name is Daniel Purdunn, I was born and raised in Northeastern Oklahoma, and I currently live in Oologah. I have been involved in the outdoors since I was old enough to walk, talk, and carry a firearm.  The credit of getting me involved in hunting and fishing has to be bestowed upon my grandfather, Danny Blevins, he is and always has been a major inspiration to me. I started hunting White-Tailed deer and fishing for crappie, in Hulah and Copan lakes in northwest Oklahoma when I was very young. From there my passion spread to waterfowl, and I quickly moved to the top in my area being one of the most successful hunters around. I enjoy hunting puddlers over open water, or in the occasional flooded timber. When I can’t hunt, I spend my time shooting skeet, or preparing for the upcoming season. I take pride in being a part of the staff family for Dakota Decoys, and treat the company and my fellow team with the up-most respect. I'm honored to be a part of the company, and promote them to the fullest of my abilities in and out of the field. I'm truly blessed to be a part of such a wonderful team.


Kaden Thomas, Oklahoma-Field Staff

I have been hunting Waterfowl for 5 years now I was born and raised in the big state of Oklahoma that’s also where I earned my education in a small town named Newkirk.  I love hunting waterfowl and have been chasing ducks, and geese all over the Northern part of the state, and Southern part of Kansas. My favorite bird to hunt is Canadas in a cut corn field planted back to winter wheat. There is nothing more exciting than seeing a volley of honkers give it up and commit into my Dakota Decoy spread.  I am out hunting Waterfowl every weekend when season comes upon us. I enjoy the outdoors and do anything I can to be out there enjoying God’s greatest creation everyone in my family loves to be outdoors and hunt. When I’m not hunting waterfowl I am doing something else in the outdoors.  I use the best equipment on the market and that is why I am proud to be a part of the Dakota Decoy.


Madison Jacobson, Oklahoma-Field Staff

My name is Madison Jacobson I am 19 years old, and from Claremore, OK. I am currently a freshman at NSU working towards a bachelor’s degree in marketing. I have been hunting practically since I could walk, thanks to my dad. I love to hunt all different kinds of game, but my true passion lies in waterfowl. I hunt all over Oklahoma, as well as surrounding states. With the exception of the east coast when we go sea duck hunting, which is an absolute blast. To say I love hunting would be an understatement. I have been hooked since a very young age, and it seems like with every season you get a little more obsessed. Dakota Decoys were in my spread even before I started staffing, and always will be. I am thankful for this company every day for all the opportunities I am presented with!


Seth Carter, Oklahoma-Field Staff

My name is Seth Carter. I am born and raised in Stillwater, Oklahoma and I am attending Oklahoma State University. I have hunted since a very young age. I hunt ducks, geese, dove, deer, and predators. I enjoy passing the off-season by fishing. I am a Ducks Unlimited supporter and member. I try to hunt as many days a week as possible during season and I love getting people my age into our sport. I have a black lab that I've trained myself named Kato. I primarily hunt in central Oklahoma. I hunt over private ponds, agricultural fields, flooded fields, and public lakes.


Austin Lemieux, South Dakota-Field Staff

My name is Austin Lemieux and I am 21 years old and currently reside in Bismarck, ND as I am attending college. I am currently studying Exercise Science and will further my education in 2018 into the Master’s program of Clinical Exercise Physiology and pursue a career in Cardiac Rehab. I grew up in Pierre, SD. While growing up in Pierre, I was able to experience a true art of waterfowl and what it has to offer. I started hunting waterfowl when I was around 14 years of age and have continued to do so whole heartedly since. On my free time I always catch my self-figuring out what new techniques I can use for the next up and coming season or hunt. While avidly pursuing waterfowl, I also take a lot of time to enjoy what the outdoors has to offer and the programs that allow us to do so. Not only does Dakota Decoy offer a great product, they offer a life time full of memories with people you’ll meet along the way. Hunts happen in a flash, but the memories you make along the way with the people you call friends, last a life time.

Throughout my past years of waterfowl hunting I have had the opportunity to use many different products. While looking for that perfect product, I came across Dakota Decoys. Whether you’re looking for durability, realism, or movement, Dakota Decoy has it all. I am honored to represent such an outstanding and honorable company!


Brandon Ruff, South Dakota-Field Staff

I started hunting waterfowl at an early age with a family friend and my passion for it has only grown over the years. There is nothing like trying to make a flock of geese come out of the sky and land on you.

I also enjoy annually spring turkey hunting in Kansas, Minnesota and South Dakota along with both archery and rifle deer hunting.

It's the challenge of the hunt. Every day is different and every hunt is different. Trying to adapt to the changes and be successful keeps me fired up. The time in the field is invaluable when it comes to putting all the pieces together and establishing successful methods for getting birds in your fields and into your bags.


Clint Hay, South Dakota-Field Staff

Clint grew up in south central Nebraska hunting the Platte River, where my passion for waterfowling started.  After graduating college and two deployments in Iraq, I now live in eastern South Dakota. 

Living in eastern South Dakota, the opportunities are endless.  My passion is field hunting mallards and honkers.
In the off season, I spend a lot of time open water and ice fishing.  Currently I work full time as an outside sales representative for a waterworks distributor.  I'm happy to be representing Dakota Decoys.


Dylan Tams, South Dakota-Field Staff

My name is Dylan Tams, born and raised in South Dakota I have been going along on hunts since I was four. Currently I reside in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, but will be headed off to college at South Dakota State for the start of the 2016 school year. My passion for water fowling began when my dad and grandpa’s would bring me out to Pierre. The first time I ever sat in a decoy spread had I was hooked for life. I start hunting early season honkers in mid-august, and finish my season with spring snows in April. I hunt everything from ducks to deer, but there is nothing better than working a flock of birds and having them finish at the boot bags.   


Eric Reisenweber, South Dakota-Field Staff

Feathers, fish and fur...  I can't get enough!  Born and raised in South Dakota, my passion for the outdoors has been an obsession from my childhood.  I credit my grandfathers for introducing me to both hunting and fishing, both of which my drive grows each and every year.  As my gramps did, take a kid hunting and fishing, they will become hooked for life.  There is nothing better than sharing a dusty blind, a muddy pothole, or Grandpa's old boat with my family and friends, creating memories that will last a lifetime.  My wife Shantel and I, along with our two daughters Kylie and Reyna, reside in Sioux Falls, S.D.  My older daughter Kylie shares my passion, she truly loves being outdoors with Dad.  She is now old enough to take her excitement to a new level, being the one to harvest her "firsts".  I cannot explain how proud I am to have her as a hunting/fishing buddy, I can only imagine where the outdoor adventures will lead us!  As each new season approaches, I have someone to help me pack bags, ready the gear, and smile for the camera.  Life is good, and I am truly blessed!  God Is Good!

To be involved with a company such as Dakota Decoy, is second to none.  Premium products, great partnerships, and an awesome group of guys and gals that are obsessed with the one thing that I crave the most: Decoying Birds.  Whether it is a flock of mallards swarming over a cut cornfield, a group of honkers locked up and feet down, or a big ol' gobbler strutting his way into the set...  If these scenarios don't get your blood boiling, you just don't have the sickness that I do.

If you want top notch results, surround yourself with exceptional products. Don't settle for quantity over quality, get you the best and expect nothing less.


Logan Anderson, South Dakota-Field Staff

My name is Logan Anderson, I am 27 years old. I was born and raised on a farm in northeast South Dakota.  Waterfowl hunting has been part of my life since I was barely able to walk.  My first times hunting were sitting in the pit bundled up in a car seat, watching my father the one who spark my passion for water fowling.  I’ve been blessed with the amount of time I get to spend in the outdoors hunting and fishing.   I now live in Madison South Dakota and travel the Midwest and Canada chasing the migration.  I look forward all year to lying in a field tucked in a layout blind with green heads and honkers landing at your feet.  The only thing I enjoy better is lying under a tornado of snow geese as they work down to the boot bags; there is nothing else like it.  I am excited to be able represent Dakota Decoys.


Mick Hanan, South Dakota-Field Staff

I have been an avid waterfowler for more than 25 years. I live in South Dakota but have pursued waterfowl from Alaska to Arkansas and most of the places in between; hunting snows, specks, a variety of the Canada goose subspecies, sea ducks, puddle ducks, and diver ducks. The sight of cupped wings and feet dropping is what gets my blood flowing and drives me to find that next great hunt. It's not about pulling the trigger but all the things that lead up to that point. Hunting waterfowl is about scouting, decoy placement, finding or creating the perfect hide, calling to convince a bird to do something it really doesn't want to do, watching a great retriever work, and sharing it all with friends and family. When I'm not hunting waterfowl I'm pursuing turkeys, deer, bear, upland birds, training dogs or competing in calling contests.


Paul Bohls, South Dakota-Field Staff

Born and raised in a small town in eastern South Dakota, Paul Bohls has had hunting in his blood from a very young age. Ever since he could go, his dad would let him tag along. This started his obsession for hunting. At age 12 he harvested his first goose and his passion for waterfowl exploded. As an avid hunter he also enjoys hunting big game and upland birds. His hunting travels have taken him from northern Quebec to northern Utah, but his favorite is still hunting in his home state of South Dakota. He hunts waterfowl from early season ducks and geese to late season honkers at the Missouri River. During the off season you can find him fishing on many of the local lakes. Paul is proud to be representing Dakota Decoys.


Riley Soukup, South Dakota-Field Staff

I was fortunate enough to grow up along the Missouri River in Wagner, South Dakota and was able to do a lot of hunting with family and friends, including geese, ducks, deer, pheasants and coyotes.  College led me to Brookings and then to Sioux Falls where I am now a Project Manager at a construction company and allows me to hunt the prairie pothole region of SD as well as back home along the Missouri River.  I spend as much time as possible afield every chance I get, but waterfowl hunting has to be my favorite.  I have been lucky enough to meet and hunt with some great people along the way, including a few of the fellow staff members and I am very proud to be part of the Dakota Decoy field staff.


Sam Koenecke, South Dakota-Field Staff

Since I can remember I have been chasing ducks and geese throughout many different flyways. People are not kidding when they say waterfowl hunting is not just a passion but an obsession. At the young age of 10 I learned from my uncle and dad on how to ethically hunt waterfowl over decoys. It quickly became my favorite hobby and still is to this day.  I grew in the Central Flyway of South Dakota along the Missouri River, where there I have spent countless hours watching and learning habits of waterfowl. After attending college in Aberdeen, South Dakota I returned home to continue my passion for waterfowl hunting. When asked my fondest memories are spending time with my Dad and Uncle in below temperature weather in a corn field. To me the biggest thrill about waterfowl hunting is not just the game that you bring home, but being able to trick them and watching the birds work into your decoy spread. I’ve been a part of the Dakota Decoy staff for nearly 8 years, and can say that they are the toughest most productive decoy on the market. Since returning home, I have met my future wife and we have two girls that also love to spend time in the field with me when it is not freezing out. As a Dakota Decoy Field Staffer I love to educate the youth into waterfowl hunting. I and several other local people operate the South Dakota Youth Goose hunt which is held every January. My greatest accomplishment in the hunting industry is teaching the youth to be avid and ethical waterfowl hunters.


Thomas Thiele, South Dakota-Field Staff

I grew up in Eastern South Dakota where my father instilled a passion for the outdoors in me at a very young age.  We could be found chasing something every weekend and during the week I would rush out after school and get some sort of hunting in.  That passion burns stronger than ever to this day, something I take pride in passing on to my children and the younger generations.  I love waterfowl hunting and spend the majority of my time chasing geese across the Midwest and Canada.  Whether it is hunting hogs in Texas or Snow geese in Canada and everything in between,  I have a been blessed with a very understanding family that tolerates my many trips from Aug-May.  I have three children and an awesome wife that enjoy the outdoors and dog training as much as I do.  Without their support, none of this would be possible for me to accomplish.  I am proud to represent Dakota Decoy and have been doing so since the very beginning of the company.  Their commitment to excellence is obvious from the owner to the youngest staff member.  There are a hundred choices of decoys on the market, some better than others, and in my book Dakota is at the top for quality and commitment. Thanks Bill for the continued opportunity to represent this great company.

Chad Schoffelman, South Dakota-Field Staff

I was lucky enough to grow up on a small family farm in SE South Dakota which created my love for everything outdoors. Helping the family with daily farm chores and spending any free time doing anything I could outside. My grandparents started me fishing at a young age and my dad and uncle got me started hunting when I was old enough to carry a gun. Ever since the first day I saw a flock of ducks work to decoys I knew I was hooked at decoying and calling game for life! I now help manage a warehouse and spend most of my free time hunting, fishing and hanging out with my wife. I cannot thank my wife enough for supporting my outdoor activities, and my family for raising me in the outdoors. I am proud to be a part of the Dakota Decoy team as they make the best decoys in my opinion on the market today!

Tim Camp, Tennessee-Field Staff

Tim Camp is from Prospect, Tennessee.  I have been an avid water fowler for 35 years mostly in Middle and West Tennessee and Arkansas. I am Co-Owner of Elk River Retrievers with 25 year’s of experience training gun dogs and hunt test dogs.


Clayton Moore, Tennessee-Field Staff

Clayton Moore was raised in Camden, Tennessee and began hunting wild game as soon as his dad would take him deer hunting of the early age of 5. Loving the woods and water from a young age, he was hooked from day one. Hunting a lot of West TN Clayton got hooked on waterfowl hunting at a young age. Clayton could be found making a quick run to the lake, river, or bottoms before class while in school.

Ducks, geese, doves, deer, turkey, and fish are often what Clayton prides himself on bringing home. Nearly every day of the winter he spends in waders. “Hunting states like Tennessee and Missouri have a lot of land for great hunting for waterfowlers and turkey hunters. Add the mix of friends and family into that and you get amazing experiences and memories that you can talk about for years to come.” Clayton is always thinking of waterfowl during season and even in the off season. Currently, Clayton hunts most frequently in the West Tennessee area and Missouri boot heel. Clayton supports wildlife conservation through membership with NWTF and Ducks Unlimited. In addition to being staff for Dakota Decoy Company, he is on staff with Hayes Calls, Backwoods Decoy Systems and Tactacam.

Clayton is current owner and operator of C Moore Ducks Guide Service out of Camden, TN and Southeast MO. He enjoys introducing newcomers and seasoned waterfowl hunters to new areas on bountiful and safe hunts. Offering regular season waterfowl hunts and conservation hunts

Mike Whipple, Tennessee-Field Staff

I started duck hunting many years ago "as just for fun", now it is a passion of mine. I travel thousands of miles in 7 different states to hunt and love every minute of it. You can't always limit out, but being in the blind or pit with friends or family is half the fun.


Ryan McQuesten, Tennessee-Field Staff

My name is Ryan McQuesten, and I am from Huntingdon, TN.  I am married to my beautiful wife Shelby.  I teach high school wellness as well as coach the boys’ basketball team.  My waterfowl obsession started at an early age thanks to my grandfather.  He took me along with him when I was a young kid and I was hooked from the very first time.  Some of my greatest memories are spending time in the duck blind with him.  Here in Tennessee we have a wide range of types of hunting.  You can hunt anywhere from a small timber hole, flooded corn fields, to the big open water of the Tennessee River. I’m partial to the river myself.  I love to get out, scout, and find the X to set up on the next morning.  Hunting is only a small part of waterfowling. You’ve got to get out and make the long boat rides looking for birds. Do your homework, and put in the hard work, because when it pays off it makes it all worth it, and that’s what I love.

Hunting public waters, you need to have an edge, and that’s why I choose the realism and durability of Dakota Decoys.  I am very proud to be a part of this team, and to represent them in the field.


Derrick Moore, Texas-Field Staff

I have been hunting since I was big enough to carry a BB gun I was born and mostly raised in Texas but went to High School in Oklahoma and that’s where I fell in  love with waterfowling and have been chasing ducks and geese all over North America ever since. I have hunted them in every state in the central flyway and have guided in Texas and Canada. I hunt Canada during the fall and hunt all over the central flyway, mainly Oklahoma, in the winter.  I spend over 50 days a year in the field hunting ducks and geese. When I’m not hunting waterfowl I am doing something else in the outdoors.  Whether I’m chasing turkeys in the spring, or fishing in the summer I spend all the time I can in the outdoors.  I have competed and placed in several sanctioned state and regional duck calling contests and also volunteer regularly with several different conservation organizations throughout the year.  I use the best equipment on the market and that is why I am proud to be a part of the Dakota Decoy.


Kyle Wojciechowski, Texas-Field Staff

I was born in North Texas in 1994. I started hunting when I was 5 years old in Texas with my dad and brother. Ever since then I have been hooked.  My family would wake me up for school by saying, “We are going hunting” instead of, “Get ready for school” because they knew I would get up quicker. The big thing that I love to do is bring youth in the outdoors and give them the best opportunity to take their first wildlife. I have had the privilege to make so many new friends along the way as I grew up hunting and to continue to meet new friends. My favorite part of hunting is not the killing of the animals but the beauty of the animal. Every animal is different, thus bringing different challenges to a hunter. They deserve the respect of every hunter. Hunting is not just a passion to me, it is my life. I am proud to represent Dakota Decoys and to be a part of this amazing team of men and women.

Nicole Oliver, Texas-Field Staff

My name is Nicole Oliver. I was born and raised in East Texas. I live in a small town where we hunt and fish all year round. Growing up, I was raised in a family who hunts. This is how I fell in love with hunting whitetail and of course waterfowl. Nothing beats those mornings where the cold wind takes your breath away as you sit in flooded timber watching mallards circle your Dakota decoy spread waiting for the right time to crash through the branches to land right in your face. The thrill that duck hunting brings is like nothing else on earth. I thank God each day for blessing me with the opportunity and ability to go out and hunt to provide for my family, and to feed my passion for the outdoors. Outside of waterfowl hunting, I enjoy bow hunting for whitetail, hogs, and varmints. I also enjoy fly fishing, salt and fresh water fishing, as well as bow fishing and camping. When I’m not in the outdoors, I work as a speech and language therapist in the public school systems. I enjoy spending time with my husband, family, friends, and my three dogs! Being able to make memories that will last a lifetime with my family and friends is what I love most about hunting!


Richard Skuppin, Utah-Field Staff

My passion has always revolved around the outdoors. I married my high school sweetheart, but only after I took her out in the marsh at 4am to go hunting. Had to make sure she could handle my crazy lifestyle.
We have two beautiful kids, Emily (14) Hunter (12) and three bird crazy English Springer Spaniels. They are all very passionate for the outdoors.
In 2008 I was introduced to Dakota Decoys. Since then I've promoted/staffed for the company. I truly believe in their product.
Dakota Decoys premium gunning decoys are the only decoys you'll see in my spread.


Chase White, Virginia-Field Staff

My name is Chase White and I am from Suffolk, Virginia. I graduated from Christopher Newport University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Organismal Biology. I’ve been waterfowl hunting since I was 12 years old, my grandfather and father got me started into it. It is my passion. Currently I am employed at Hickory Creek Outfitters in Howard, Kansas as a whitetail and waterfowl guide. I love chasing Kansas Mallards and big Canada honkers. I got a new puppy, “Jett” in the fall of 2015 from Southern Oak Kennels and am looking forward to him being a full time working dog come the winter of 2016. At the outfitter I work at we run nothing but Dakota Decoys and I can tell for a fact that they make a huge difference in our success rate. The realism and the durability of Dakota Decoys are unmatched.


Andrew Rogowski, Wisconsin-Field Staff

My name is Andrew Rogowski but all of my friends call me Drew. I grew up and currently live with my beautiful wife Becca in a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin called Muskego. Growing up, I was fortunate enough to be surrounded with a family that loved waterfowl hunting. This initial exposure to the sport quickly grew into a passion and deep dedication. To me, hunting has always been more than just shooting and killing limits. It has been about getting together with a close group of friends and experiencing laughs and telling stories. I am looking forward to what will come from being part of the Dakota Decoy family.




Nathan  Foriest, Tennessee-Field Staff

Born and raised in Kingston Springs, TN I have been blessed with the opportunity to be surrounded by duck hunting my whole life. I am a professional baseball player in the San Diego Padres organization and when I'm not on the ball field you can find me in the field or the woods chasing ducks.


Cortland Brasso, Louisiana-Field Staff

I was born in Lafayette, Louisiana but have lived in East Texas since I was about 6. I started hunted at about the age of 5 with my dad and uncles. I still remember my first hunt with my dad on Lake Martin like it was yesterday. From that moment I was hooked and will always have a driving passion for the outdoors and being out in God's great creation. I grew up hunting Pecan Island marshes and a lot of the Louisiana basin as a kid. As I grew older I began to hunt more of the East Texas Sloughs and ponds. That branched to more flooded timber which is now what I like hunting most. I make an annual trip for 2 weeks to Canada which is hands down some of the funniest hunting around but my heart will always be in the timber/brush shooting greenheads. I have an engineering degree and am a sales manager for a commercial silicone roofing company. I'm also a committee member for my local delta waterfowl chapter and enjoy helping out with conservation projects.


Maxwell Fischer, Ontario, Canada-Field Staff

Born and raised in Southern Ontario, Canada, Max was addicted to the outdoors at an early age. It started with fishing at the cottage, and then hunting came into the mix at age 15. Max’s first hunting experience was goose hunting in a cut cornfield and it remains his favorite to this day. The thrill of his first hunt is an experience Max tries to replicate each and every time he goes hunting with someone new. Field hunts for Canada geese and mallards are the name of his game, but Max often gets out on local creeks and Lake Erie for puddle ducks. One of his favorite hunts of the year is the annual opening day wood duck hunt up at the hunt camp. When he is not spending time afield, Max spends his time with his family, fishing and working on his truck. Currently enrolled in Business Marketing, Max hopes to find a career in the outdoor industry upon the completion of his program.


Scott Nielsen, Utah-Field Staff

Scott Nielsen was born with the love for hunting and fishing with the great outdoors in his blood. Growing up my father brought me into the outdoors at a very early age. With a combined passion for conservation and adventure Scott is now a full-fledged and proud outdoorsman. 
In 1986 Scott founded Sportsman’s Warehouse, 2006 Scott Won the US OPEN Bass Championship, and Scott is the only Angler from Utah that has competed in the Bass Master Classic & the Forest Wood Cup.

Scott has found a way to balance hunting, fishing and family into what he calls the "Best Lifestyle in the world"


Lucas Basler, Missouri-Field Staff

Being from the Midwest, I grew up around nothing but hunting and fishing. At age 6 my father got me big into turkey and deer hunting. By age 12 I gave all the deer hunting up and started duck hunting, since then it's been the best decision I've ever made. I spend October to early March on the road chasing ducks, Canada's and snows. I do a lot of public land hunting but also own a very nice farm in Southeast, MO where I have some crop fields around my lake. That's my life in the outdoors and I wouldn't change it for anything!


Derek Rose, Ontario Canada-Field Staff

November 20 1991 .Born and rose in a small town in Ontario Canada he is a avid waterfowl, turkey, and deer hunter.  He shares his passion for hunting by working as a team lead in the hunting department at bass pro shops.  To me there is nothing more satisfying then watching a flock of birds lock up to the Dakotas. Waking up at 3 am to them smell of gunpowder will never get old. He lives for the grind of the Hunt

Stephen Wood, Texas-Field Staff

I was introduced to the outdoors very early in my life. Growing up in east TX the wildlife most sought after was the Whitetail deer. It wasn't until my late teens that I discovered waterfowl hunting, and I fell in love.  I'm thankful I get to share my passion with my wife and our two amazing sons. As a gun dog/ hunt test trainer and waterfowl guide I get to meet new people and enjoy the great outdoors every day and hopefully I will get to meet some of you someday down the road.

Brad Erekson, Utah-Field Staff

I live in Lehi Utah; I have a beautiful wife and two great kids.  I have been chasing waterfowl most of my life. I learned how to hunt at a young age from my Dad. I hope to pass on the passion to my children. When I am not hunting waterfowl, I guide hunters at a local pheasant club in town. I enjoy fly fishing in the summer, working with my gun dog Maggie and spending time in the mountains with family. I am excited to be a part of the best decoy company in the market!


Jesse Koltz, Wisconsin-Field Staff

Hello my name is Jesse Koltz. I am from Green Bay, WI. Hunting has been a lifestyle for my family for a number of years. We hunt, and fish almost everything in our freezer. Our goal every year is to fill our freezer with the best protein we can hunt or fish. We hunt the crop fields early in the year for geese. Then switch our attention to the mighty northern divers, and sea ducks that come by the thousands out on the Bay and Lake Michigan by late October. We also enjoy hunting deer around this time, as the rut sets in. We love our Dakota decoys. We are so lucky to be on a great staff with a great company. The attention to detail, and durability can’t be matched. Realism is where it’s at, and Dakota decoys brings out the best in all of us who use them. Thanks Dakota decoys for a great product, and the opportunity to represent a great company.

Brian Tucker, Wyoming-Field Staff

Growing up in Wyoming I have been hunting waterfowl ever since I was old enough to tag along and be out in the field as much as I can.  Starting with just going as a young child with my dad as his hunting buddy to now scouting fields and water sources on my own with my own hunting partners.  From my very first hunting trip I was hooked and you can find me almost every weekend during waterfowl season in a blind somewhere. With my job I get the opportunity to travel the country and hunt in many different areas.  There is just something special about a flock of ducks or geese cupped and dropping into your spread.